Climate projections/scenarios


QST 1: "Climate projections/scenarios".
Responsible: Hr. Andreas Paxian (DWD)

The cross-sectional topic "Climate projections/scenarios" within the BMBF funding measure "Sustainable Groundwater Management" (LURCH) serves as a platform for the exchange of experience and cooperation between different LURCH associations that apply climate projections and forecasts in their research projects. The aim of this cross-cutting theme is to support the application of climate projections and scenarios in the respective projects, to use expertise, to create synergies and, if necessary, to establish comparability between studies from different regions.

First exchange on 19.07.2023

A first exchange took place online on 19.07.2023. Here, the German Weather Service (DWD) gave an overview lecture on climate forecasts and projections, whereby the current quality check of climate data at the DWD in particular met with great interest.

After the DWD presentation, the participating projects (StressRes, KIMoDIs, GW_4.0, iMolch, WaRM, CHARMANT) had the opportunity to present and jointly discuss their own climate projections and scenarios. Different aspects of climate predictions and projections were highlighted and it was suggested to keep flexibility in the application of the methods in order to meet the individual questions of the projects.

Particularly relevant was the discussion on a possible standardisation of the approach to facilitate the comparability of results from the different regions. However, this topic was postponed until the results of the DWD quality review are presented, which is planned for the end of 2023.

Participants expressed their expectations of the cross-cutting theme, including the possibility of sharing experiences, benefiting from technical expertise and creating synergies. Creating comparability between projects was considered optional, if possible and desired.

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