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Exchange 3: LURCHyoung: Young Groundwater Professionals

LURCHyoung is aimed specifically at young scientists and young professionals from the LURCH funding program. Networking is planned within a forum (registration: and regular meetings in the further course of the funding measure.

The goal is an exchange of ideas and insights, mutual benefit from each other through different expertise and experience, and an expansion of one's own knowledge. This supports the solution of complex challenges and promotes innovative approaches in research and development.


A forum has been set up for LURCHyoung.

It is called "LURCHyoung - Young Groundwater Professionals" and offers young members of the LURCH funding programme the opportunity to exchange ideas, share knowledge and learn from each other.

Regardless of whether you are a Master's student, doctoral student, young professional or in a comparable position: the forum is aimed at all those who are working on practical projects within the LURCH funding measure. If you are stuck on a particular topic and not getting anywhere, want to share ideas or are looking for new inspiration, the forum is the perfect place for you.

To join the forum, simply register and create a profile. There you can introduce yourself, describe your research area and share your current challenges or questions. When creating your profile, be sure to describe your research focus so that other members understand exactly what you are working on.

Through the interactive platform, you can then engage in dialogue with other LURCH early career researchers, share ideas and work together to find solutions.

We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to bring the forum to the attention of other young female scientists or early career researchers from your collaborative projects. The more of you participate, the more diverse and enriching the exchange will be.

Here are the details of the forum:

Name: LURCHyoung - Young Groundwater Professionals



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