Representative Sampling

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Comparable results through uniform sampling!

Many of the collaborative projects in the BMBF-funded LURCH programme deal with sampling. So it is only natural that a uniform approach has many advantages for all involved: uniform sampling leads to comparable results and larger data sets. This helps to identify larger correlations of sample results throughout Germany.

Therefore, an online training course for the collaborative projects of the BMBF funding measure LURCH took place on 13.07.2023. The topic: "Uniform sampling methodology". The core of the training was a lecture by Dr Claus Nitsche (BGD ECOSAX GmbH). Afterwards, there was time for discussions and questions. Topics such as sampling equipment, relevant regulations and documentation of sampling came up.

Topics discussed:

  • Compliance with relevant regulations such as DIN 38402-A13, DVGW worksheet W 112, BWK bulletin no. 5, etc.
  • Ensuring the representativeness of the samples with regard to parameters, milieu and physical/biological properties
  • Use of a hydraulic termination criterion to optimise pump duration and flow rate
  • Use of appropriate, cleaned and calibrated sampling equipment
  • Preparation of a detailed sampling plan with real-time monitoring of parameters
  • Consideration of special procedures for low-permeability aquifers
  • Performing plausibility checks and comprehensive documentation of sampling activities

Many thanks to all participants for the exciting exchange of experiences! More material on this important topic is available in the members' area.

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