Groundwater fauna

KIT, Brunnenkrebs
Discover the mysterious world of groundwater fauna!

Did you know that an entire ecosystem lies hidden beneath our feet? Despite complete darkness, lack of space and food, groundwater harbors a variety of fascinating creatures that play a crucial role in the quality of our precious water resource.
Groundwater fauna consists of a wide variety of organisms including tiny microbes, insect larvae, crustaceans, and even small fish. These invisible heroes of groundwater perform important functions. For example, they help clean and filter water by breaking down organic matter and pollutants, retaining nutrients, eliminating pathogens, and opening and keeping open flow paths through their movements. They also serve as a food source for other animals, helping to maintain the balance in the ecosystem.

Image source: KIT, CHARMANT

Although groundwater fauna are of great importance, their habitats are often threatened. Changes in groundwater quality, such as pollution, groundwater warming, or excessive water extraction, can threaten their existence. Therefore, it is critical that we ensure their survival and protection.

In this context, the LURCH collaborative project CHARMANT lays an important role. It is dedicated to the study and assessment of groundwater fauna in urban areas, especially in the city of Berlin. Researchers are working to develop new approaches to understand and protect the dynamics and diversity of groundwater fauna.
The findings from this project will enable us to take targeted action to conserve and restore groundwater fauna, thus protecting our valuable drinking water resource.
Through our actions, we can ensure that this fascinating ecosystem is preserved for future generations.

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Quelle: ZDF, TerraX

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